Bodywaving – New source of your power

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You have two sources of the physical force:
–  your muscles
–  your momentum – mass of your body in motion

Momentum can flow through relaxed body like it flow through water – make a wave.
This ‘bodywave’ – is a massive force, which you can use or throw out.

Most of us don’t know how to use bodywave properly.
Bodywaving will teach you to use this new power source.
Using bodywave, you can make same work with less effort.
Higher effectivity practically means: more power & better endurance.

Wave into your body will naturally disturb rigid tissue & makes your body more supple & relaxed.

Relaxed joints could be more dynamics, using ‘angular acceleration’ (you can see similar effect on a nunchaku or a whip.

Our program teaches you to use momentum & feel the flow of momentum into your body – feel the bodywave.

You body will harmonise with momentum, what makes your movements smoother & more elegant.

Bodywave improve a sense which we nearly forgot: internal feeling.

Source of Bodywaving

Speed     & power are important factors in the fight; no wonder that bodywave are ages studying & applying in
Martial Arts.
Our program draw knowledge from traditional Russian , Chinese, Japanese, Filipinos ,Western & others Martial Arts.
Art of movements is also dancing.
Combination of both we make ‘dance of warriors‘ (peaceful warrior is not a fighter; a real warrior avoid the fight).
Bodywaving can be used in any sport (like football, tennis, swimming or bicycling..) or dancing.


How to get it

Bodywave session has 3 main parts:
active stretching – wave naturally make bigger range of our movements
dance of warriors – flow on the music
– strengthening of warriors –     our dynamic core exercise, makes you more relaxed during muscles work & especially strength your tendons & ligament

Bodywave is not something new, it’s just forgotten way how to naturally     use potential of our bodies..

& finally: surfing the wave of your body it’s really fun! :D

Tibor Moravcik
Martial Artist & Dancer