Where does this program comes from?

There are more sources, let’s start with Martial Arts…

First source is Russian Martial Arts. Systema has been developed by Russian scientists for special forces. Especially beneficial is their method on how to develop good habits to subconsciously cope with stress, pain or fear. The Cossacks warriors’ culture is a bottomless source of exercise (kettlebells are just one of many). Part of Cossack training is also  ‘Russian yoga’ self-culture techniques to keep your body strong, vital & younger.

Other good sources are Chinese kung fu systems like Wing Chun or Tai chi, which teach harmony & to feel flow.

Also, Philippine Escrima with sticks helps us to feel how kinetic energy flows through our bodies..

Another source of inspiration for Warrior’s Workout is Dance. Dancers’s exercise will also help us to make our body strong, but supple.

And finally as a professional sport massage therapist I see how waving or shaking massage techniques helps to free my clients from pain & tension. A mechanical Wave breaks down tension & make the bodies of my clients more supple. So I developed exercises with which you can wave your body by yourself & use same effect which are using massage therapists.
Massage s so beneficial that I cannot resist to teach you self-massage technique.


Tibor Moravcik

Founder of Bodywavig
Sifu of Wing Chun Kung Fu

Instructor of Russian Systema
Karate Champion of Slovakia, 2002
Kick Boxing Champion of Slovakia, 2000
Sport Masseur Therapist

How to do it?

Video of Bodywavivg