How wave relaxes tissue?

What happened if I wave this towel…? The towel doesn’t stay any more. The Wave breaks down tension. Therefore if you have a stiff neck, you subconsciously wave it. How would proper bodywave workout improve your body? Wouldn’t you too, like to be more relaxed & fluid..?

What is bodywave?

Always when you move, you produce kinetic energy. This energy works for you or not.

Seminar: ‘Switch between hemisphere’

Seminar: ‘Switch between hemisphere’ Bratislava – April 15 Basically we have two thinking mode: a) linear (logical) thinking mode, b) holistic (creative) thinking mode. Logical thinking mode is too slow to manage so quick exact movements like demands harmonising with your own kinetic energy or with any object around you in high speed. In holistic […]

Want to be more dynamics?

It doesn’t matter how strong or old your body is, Bodywave could be your new source of power, which make you more efficient, dynamic & stronger.

Workshop: ‘Power of Bodywave’

Workshop: ‘Power of Bodywave’ – Bratislava – April 15  

Workshop ‘New source of power’

workshop: ‘New source of power’ Bratislava – August 14                  

Bodywaving – New source of your power

You have two sources of the physical force: –  your muscles –  your momentum – mass of your body in motion Momentum can flow through relaxed body like it flow through water – make a wave. This ‘bodywave’ – is a massive force, which you can use or throw out. Most of us don’t know […]

Warrior’s Workout – Workshop – Bratislava15 (SK)

Človek sa rodí mäkký a pružný, po smrti je tuhý a tvrdý. Tuhá a tvrdé bude prekonané Mäkké a poddajné prevládne. Lao-c’ Príď si vyskúšať moderné tréningové metódy čerpajuce z tradičných bojových umení, tanca a masérskych uvoľňujúcich techník. – precítenie pohybu a zvýšenie jeho efektivity – prirodzene a plynulo reagovať na vonkajšie podnety – práca […]

(SK) Workshops – Bratislava – 17 & 25 August

Following information is in Slovak. 17. augusta 17.00-20.00 ZŠ Tupolevova 20, Tupolevova 20, Bratislava, Slovakia vstupne: dobrovolne uvolni svoju mysel a telo.. prestan mysliet a zacni citit.. bud pritomnosti a nechaj svoje pohyby spontanne plynut.. cvicenia uvolnuju a navodzuju vnutornu harmoniu s vlastnym pohybom – ucime sa precitit tok kynetickej energie uprostred nas.. 25. augusta […]


motto: BE WATER Bodywaving draw a lot knowledge from modern, highly effective, smart self-defence system: Smart-defence. Smart-defence based mostly on traditional Chinese, Russian & other Martial Arts. We assimilate smart solutions from many Martial Arts, however unlike most of MMA systems, we don’t train to fight in the cage, we prepare for real street problems. […]