Petra Hauskrechtova – (Child therapist)

‘After Tibor’s workshop I have a totally different perspective not just about theory of self-defence, but especially practical experience. It gives me more confidence in every situation. I am still an attractive woman, but no one knows what they can expect from me if they attack me… 😉 I see myself in a new light. I love that feeling. It makes me indescribably free! If you don’t try it, you don’t know what I’m talking about…’

Ron, age 49 – (Teacher)

I’ve known Tibor for 3 years since I first started training WT.
I have always been impressed with his technical ability and it’s really exciting that he now has his own school.
Any student in Tibor’s class will find they are training a truly practical approach to self defence and benefit enormously from his comprehensive martial arts background and experience as a nightclub bouncer.
Training WT is about building on what you know. This is true for everyone – from the beginner grades to people like me who are Grade 10s and beyond.
I find training with Tibor both fun and instructive and he ensures that a student’s base is strong.
Tibor’s knowledge of massage (he’s a qualified masseur) means that he is careful to incorporate stretching into the programme and is careful of his students’ health and wellbeing – important when you are as old as me!

Massimo – (chiropractor)

Tibor has been training me for a few months. He is a very skilled and experienced martial artist.
I found his teachings very inspiring and clear. Tibor has been trained in many different martial disciplines and he is able to make people see the bigger picture and explain the concepts and rationales of every single movement used.
Now Tibor is focusing on the teachings of Wing Tsun which he has found to be the most effective and complete martial art system for him. I found Win Tsun to be very helpful. This approach is based on the use of very precise leavers and force vectors. If skilfully applied this form of kung fu allows small framed people like myself to defeat much larger opponents.

Pier Vegner Tosta – (Art Critic, Curator & Collection Adviser)

I felt so good after the classes we had. It really make me feel empowered and peaceful, I tend to be very aggressive sometimes and those classes made me feel more relaxed and self controlled and on the top Tibor is a great instructor.

Stuart Paul Ridout – (naish)

On meeting Tibor for the very first time i was’nt quite sure how to take him . (he seemed a big bad angry bouncer ) but once i got to know him, i attended his class and was presently surprised about the way he taught wing tsun , it was very relaxed and made his student’s feel comfortable . I am not fully mobile myself and thought i would’nt be able to take his classes but i belive it’s a very good thing to learn as it might just save your life and or perhap’s you can help people in a bad situation ! So my advice to you is please attend tibor’s class it’s very good for your mind and for your general out come of life , it gives you respect for other’s without realising your doing it.

Dominik Burchette – (aeronautical engineer)

I have learnt very much from WingTsun lessons in a very short amount of time: Tibor’s intelligent communication of his understanding of the mechanics and abilities of bodies are very effective and he has multiple ways of explaining principles if a particular way does not work for you. The lessons have a friendly learning environment in which to try out challenging self-defence concepts safely – Tibor looks after his pupils very well.

Sam Stepto

I started WT several months ago with the idea of using it as an addition to my sporting pursuits, but it has since become an integral part of my routine. I have found it to be a perfect compliment to my active lifestyle improving both my flexibility and co-ordination immeasurably. It has also proved to be a very realistic and applicable form of self defence taught in an environment that is both fun and challenging with Mr Moravcik proving to be both a hugely proficient, professional and pleasant instructor. 

Matthew Hall – (Manager)

‘I have been attending self-defence workshops with Tibor for 2 months to help improve my self-defence. Although I’ve never attempted a martial art before Tibor’s step by step instructions make a complicated system very manageable even for beginners. After just a few lessons I’ve gained a new sense of confidence physically and mentally and am looking to further integrate Wing Tsun into my routine. Tibor is an excellent teacher clear, concise and with great understanding of a number of fighting styles. Highly recommended!’ 

George Prendergast – (Manager)

‘Me and some work mates started going to Tibor’s WT lessons about 7 or 8 weeks ago. I’d never had any previous experience of martial arts, and probably wouldn’t have gone if my friends hadn’t got me involved. I’ve probably been to 12 lessons now, and not only really enjoy them, but feel I’ve learnt a lot – I feel I’ve started to gain an understanding of techniques, and maybe a better idea of how to react to situations I would not have been comfortable in before. Tibor’s lessons have helped me to think more clearly and become more confident. ‘

TJ – (Webmaster)

‘I really enjoy training smart-defence with Master Tibor. I have trained other systems but the way Tibor puts in together in the smart-defence system is unique. He brings the best of the best and teaches us how to navigate  multiple attackers and other desperate situations. If you are considering upgrading your understanding and boost your sel fconfidence then join us for a session and you will be hooked ‘